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The Quality Initiative for Assisted Living

The Quality Initiative is a national effort that builds upon the existing work of the long term and post-acute care profession by setting specific, measurable targets to further improve quality of care in America’s skilled nursing centers and assisted living communities. NCAL members are encouraged to reach defined, concrete goals by 2021, in four core areas.


 Why Take the Initiative?

All around the country, skilled nursing centers and assisted living communities are providing extraordinary care to millions of seniors and individuals with disabilities. However, improving the quality of care provided is an ongoing journey that never ceases.
Taking a cue from the 100,000 Lives campaign, AHCA/NCAL set forth ambitious goals with measurable targets to demonstrate the long term and post-acute care profession’s commitment to continuing its quality journey. As our nation’s leaders and the public demand a higher quality, lower cost health care system, the Quality Initiative plays an important role by:
  • preparing providers for possible reimbursement changes based on quality outcomes;
  • focusing on current national priorities and key indicators of quality care;
  • encouraging efficiency with health care dollars;
  • promoting consistent data measurement with continuing tracking;
  • highlighting the importance of goal setting with sustainable improvement;
  • and fostering person-centered care.

 LTC Trend Tracker


​The next phase continues this challenge while putting forth another—encouraging assisted living providers to track their progress with these goals through AHCA/NCAL’s data collection tool, LTC Trend Trackersm. The NCAL Quality Initiative and LTC Trend Tracker allow assisted living providers to meet the demands of consumers, policymakers and partnering healthcare providers to clearly demonstrate its dedication to quality.


DISCLAIMER: The AHCA/NCAL quality programs’ contents, including their goals and standards, represent some preferred practices, but do not represent minimum standards or expected norms for skilled nursing and/or assisted living providers. As always, the provider is responsible for making clinical decisions and providing care that is best for each individual person.