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AL Cost Calculator

The AL Cost Calculator is a web-based, enhanced resident assessment tool that allows assisted living providers to assess how costs are allocated across residents. Harness this information to make targeted staffing decisions across your entire organization with this exclusive tool for member providers offered by NCAL.

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  • ​Resident assessment tool with 25 different health and services categories
  • Automatically calculates monthly costs for direct care (licensed and unlicensed) per resident with completed assessment form
  • Ability to factor in anticipated company costs (e.g., licensed and unlicensed wages, taxes and benefits)
  • Allocates total monthly care costs per community
  • Multi-facility companies can compare costs per community over time
  • Attractive, customizable graphs of cost data across the organization
  • Download, print or export graphs and data in multiple formats
  • Easily update resident assessments or care costs at any time


  • ​Your staff may already fill out resident assessment forms, but the AL Cost Calculator puts dollars behind that information.
  • Better understand where your resources are going across your organization, over time.
  • Drill down costs per resident, or compare costs organization-wide, per community.
  • Compare between licensed and unlicensed staff as well as the type of care task.
  • With acuity rising in assisted living, better monitor the evolving needs of your residents.
  • Have data to collaborate with managed care organizations and accountable care organizations.
  • If you’re a Medicaid provider, help educate state Medicaid programs about assisted living costs.
  • It’s an exclusive benefit as part of your NCAL membership. There’s no additional cost!


The AL Cost Calculator is intended to be used by NCAL members solely for the purpose of compiling their own cost/revenue data for use in helping to operate their business and their own discussions with state officials and health plans/payors. NCAL will not and cannot utilize the AL Cost Calculator to analyze or compile data regarding the costs/revenues of any assisted living communities. NCAL members should not share their own AL Cost Calculator information with other NCAL members or competitors, as doing so may result in violations of state and Federal antitrust laws (among other laws).