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​Assisted living communities play an important part in local economies, offering jobs to hundreds of thousands. As of January 2019, there were nearly 453,000 total employees in the assisted living profession.


 Total Workforce

(as of January 2019)

 Nursing Staff

Among the 1.46 million full-time nursing and 35,000 social work employees in long term care, about one-fifth (20%), or 298,800 are employed full-time at an assisted living community.
The breakdown of these full-time nursing and social work employees is below. Assisted living communities may also hire part-time nursing and social work employees, and/or contract with other organizations to coordinate nursing and social work services in the community.
  • ​83.3% aide
  • 9.9% licensed practical or vocational nurse 
  • 6.1% registered nurse
  • 0.8% social worker   


 Economic Impact


​Economic Activity

  • Direct: $32 billion
  • Total: $76 billion 

Tax Revenue

  • State/Local: $3.5 billion 
  • Federal: $6 billion 
  • Total: $9.5 billion



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