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​There are more than 800,000 Americans residing in assisted living. The majority of these residents are the "oldest old," or age 85 and older, female, and non-Hispanic white. 

Residents often need help with only a few activities of daily living and do not require 24-7 skilled nursing care. The most common activity of daily living that residents need assistance with is bathing, then walking. More than half of all residents have high blood pressure, and 4 in 10 are living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. 

After a median stay around 22 months, roughly 60% of residents will move out of assisted living to transition to a skilled nursing center.


 Resident Characteristics



Activities​ of Daily Living

ADLs: 62% need help bathing, 47% dressing, 39% bathroom, 20% eating, 30% bed transfer; median stay is 22 months

Common Resident Conditions

40% have Alzheimer's or dementia, 46% have cardiovascular disease, 23% have depression, 17% have diabetes