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​Welcome to Faces of Assisted Living! The photos you see are actual residents and staff from assisted living communities across the country. NCAL member communities are encouraged to submit photographs and stories of residents and staff throughout the year to be featured in NCAL’s Faces of Assisted Living. Selected pictures will be posted on AHCA/NCAL's social media channels, Facebook and Twitter.

How to Submit Your Photo:

  1. Capture that special moment - whether it's an organized event or an individual portrait. You don’t have to be a professional photographer. Images from smart phones and other portable devices will still be accepted, but high quality images are appreciated.
  2. Have each person in your photo sign NCAL’s Image Release Form. NCAL is committed to protecting individuals’ right to privacy. We cannot use any images without explicit permission by those pictured. Even if your community has your own image release policy that the individuals involved have agreed to, they still must also sign NCAL’s image release form. Please scan the signed copy of each form and include it with your submission.
  3. A picture tells a thousand stories, but we could still use yours. Feel free to include a sentence or two explaining your photo or the individuals pictured. What’s something unique about the resident pictured? Why did this staff member get into caregiving?


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