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Fight Coronavirus in Long Term Care

Find guidance, resources and daily updates on the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Resources by Condition

Caring for residents and patients is not limited to only treating current illnesses or diseases. Rather, providers aim to care for the whole individual, including mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. This means doctors, nurses, therapists, and other direct caregivers focus on preventing further illness. Skilled nursing care centers continue to see increased numbers of individuals who are in need of special care. Some of these specific conditions are lifelong,while othersmay betemporary conditions.Many centers are developing specialized care services such as dementia care. Though not all of thepossible conditions are listed on this page,AHCAhasmanyimportant resources on a variety ofspecific needs. Many additional resources are available for purchase in the AHCA/NCAL online bookstore.

Diabetes Mellitus Dementia and Alzheimer's Emotional and Behavior Patterns Incontinence Management
  • Incontinence Management: The Borun Center training module with an overview, data entry form, and four-step learning process about incontinence management in elders.
  • Urinary Incontinence: AHCA Bookstore. AMDA clinical guideline for care providers on how to manage and even eliminate incontinence.
Infection Prevention Medical Conditions Nutrition and Weight Loss
  • Dining Practice Standards - Pioneer Network: Food and dining are an integral part of individualized care and self‐directed living for several reasons, including: (1) the complexity of food and dining requirements when advancing models of culture change; (2) the importance of food and dining as a significant element of daily living, and (3) the most frequent questions and concerns CMS receives from regulators and providers consistently focus on dining and food policies in nursing homes.
  • Weight Loss Prevention:UCLASchool of Medicine resource forweight loss prevention in nursing homes.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies in Long Term Care:Three downloadable pamphlets (PDF)that covera variety of topics ranging fromdetection and diagnosis toOBRAregulations.
  • Altered Nutritional Status (AMDA Clinical Guideline): AHCA Bookstore.This guidelineoffers a structured approach tomonitoringsignificant weight change.
  • Dehydration and Fluid Maintenance (AMDA Clinical Guideline): AHCA Bookstore. Thisbook offersa step-by-step approach to addressand treatfluidillnesses.
Pain Management Physical Functioning and Mobility Decline
  • Mobility Decline Prevention: UCLA School of Medicine resource formobility decline that includestraining modules, walking program, and exercise interventions.
  • Katz Index of Independence of ADLs:An instrument to assess functionstatus as a measurement of an individual's ability to perform ADLs independently.
Pressure Ulcer Prevention