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Fight Coronavirus in Long Term Care

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Facility and Patient Safety


Enterals and Tube Feedings

  • Nutritional Deficiencies in Long Term Care, (Morley, Thomas, et al. Annals of Long Term Care, 2004.) Series of three booklets discussing Detection and Diagnosis, Management of Protein Energy Malnutrition and Dehydration, and OBRA Regulations and Administrative and Legal Issues.
  • Altered Nutritional Status, (American Medical Directors Association-AMDA)
    CPG Altered Nutritional Status is the AMDA Clinical Practice Guideline on how to manage residents whose weight has changed. ($)- Discount when purchased through AHCA Bookstore.
  • Fast Fact Worksheets: Swallowing Studies, Feeding Tubes, and the Death Spiral, (Weissman, Medical College of Wisconsin, Fast Fact and Concept #84, 2nd Edition, February 2003.) Discusses clinical scenario of feeding tubes at the end of life.

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Falls/ Accident and Fracture Prevention

  • Falls and Fall Risk, (American Medical Directors Association-AMDA)
    CPG Falls and Fall Risk is the AMDA Clinical Practice Guideline on assessing and managing those with risk of falls. ($)-Discount when purchased through AHCA Bookstore.

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Restraint Reduction

  • Restraint Reduction, (Colorado Foundation for Medical Care,  May 1998.) Contains assessment and alternatives help guide, evaluation trees, assessment log/intervention care plans.
  • Providing Restraint-Free Care, (Tilly, Reed, AHCA, Provider, December 2006.) Discusses steps towards eliminating the perceived need for restraints.

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